FuseFX is still calling the United States home

From its flagship LA studio to expansion in New York, Vancouver and Atlanta. Why this proud brand is still calling the United States home

If you wonder, “Why the United States?”, the answer is simple: it’s part our DNA. FuseFX, which was co-founded by Pitch Black Board Chairman David Altenau, Tim Jacobsen, and Jason Fotter in 2006, has its foundation firmly rooted in California.

As someone who was born and works in Los Angeles, FuseFX President, Johnny Fisk firmly believes that the local markets of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Vancouver can be served by the teams who live and reside in these places.

Over time, production and VFX work has migrated to tax-offset locations, but FuseFX has stood the test of time and continues to move forward with a strong commitment to growing business in North America.

With everything the industry has gone through this past year, the staff in all four FuseFX locations have remained incredibly loyal throughout. “They have been a priority to us, and so has getting them back working again” says Fisk. “We are happy to have a solid slate of work coming back now and well into the first half of this year” he adds optimistically.

“It is a phoenix moment for FuseFX. I see this as THE opportunity to launch a new type of FuseFX, evolved to deliver the needs of our clients; continuing to engage and produce work locally but also with global adaptability. We can focus on working with our trusted clients and continue to forge new ones in our four locations of Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta and Vancouver. As part of Pitch Black, we are also now able to offer expanded market options for our clients that being part of the group brings. We have access to the group's global locations and incentives, ensuring that we can continue to produce on time and with the quality our partners expect.”