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Its People

FuseFX is defined by its people. The quality of what we create and the experience of working with or being part of the company relies on how we interact with each other and the environment we establish.

That is culture.

FuseFX is a dynamic and growing organization with multiple locations, strong leaders, and a diverse and incredibly talented workforce. It includes multiple brands and studio locations all with unique culture and character. This document presents a Vision, Purpose, and set of Core Values that demonstrate what we collectively aspire to be and do - for all to understand. This will provide common language that we can share across the organization and with all with whom we professionally interact, and to create alignment on how we envision and speak about our culture. There is no finish line to this process, but rather ideas that we can all commit to strive for and relentlessly pursue together. These principals and philosophies come from a collaborative process that involved leadership across the entire organization. It is not static. These ideas can and should evolve and change over time as we continue to grow and evolve.

Our Vision is why we exist as an organization and represents our ideals and deepest motivations to do what we do. Our Purpose is what we are trying to accomplish, and defines our highest level goals and aspirations with a specific view on what we are striving to achieve. Finally, we add our Core Values that represent how we hope to do it and the principles by which we operate every day in the pursuit of our higher goals. All of these concepts are intended to be a relatable part of our everyday work experience.


To provide infinite storytelling through the fusion of art, technology and creativity.


We are on a quest to create the next generation of visual effects studio. That will consist of a tightly integrated global network of elite studios, each creating unprecedented imagery through exceptional employee and client experience, while contributing to and benefitting from connection and collaboration across the global organization. Each studio strives separately and together toward an unprecedented creative and rewarding environment that makes a positive and long-lasting impact on its employees, clients and community. We accomplish this through the talent we hire, the diverse teams we build, and the way we work together. By fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration and excellence, we create a boutique experience with the power of a global workforce.


  • Foster a broad range of passionate, dynamic and diverse leaders across all of our studios to drive our culture and inspire levels of accomplishment and gratification beyond expectations.
  • Support an entrepreneurial spirit in each location to create something special and unique while embracing the vision, alignment, connection and collaboration with our global workforce striving for similar goals in other parts of the world.
  • Create a consistent pipeline, cutting edge methodologies, and state-of-the art tools to facilitate efficiency, creativity, and a truly global collaboration.
  • Maintain a broad and talented group of employees that are aligned on their short-term goals and inspired by their long-term opportunities with a commitment to our shared values.
  • Continue to bolster our reputation in such a way to provide opportunities to work on the best and highest profile projects being created.  And thereby the clear and best choice for clients worldwide.

We have aligned on the following four key values:  Engage, Collaborate, Create, and Empathize. These principles represent who we are, who we want to be, and the specific behavior and skills we care about most.  Below are each of the values and supporting actions that give context for each one.



ENGAGE like an entrepreneur. Think and act like it's your own business.

  • Be creative partners and engage with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Anticipate and respond proactively, promptly and with purpose.
  • Be committed and take ownership in solving problems and moving projects forward.
  • Be excellent and boldly envision the best possible version you can be of yourself in each moment.
  • Be an active participant, not a passive observer.
  • Treat every interaction like you're making a first impression.
  • Exceed expectations on process, communication, and content - go the extra mile.
  • Embrace constraints and define your own success in spite of limitations.


Embrace COLLABORATION and iteration. All of us can do more than any one of us.

  • Always be learning from and sharing with each other.
  • Always be teaching others, transferring knowledge and skills to those around you.
  • Give everyone a voice and the opportunity to contribute.
  • Create long term relationships with both clients and colleagues.
  • Take your shot: Prioritize iteration over perfection (Don't be afraid to experiment)
  • Maintain a boutique mindset regardless of scale.


CREATE an elevated experience. Creating is like breathing. It's what we do. It's who we are.

  • Create art and images that tell a story and tell it well.
  • Imagine something into existence that didn’t exist before.
  • Transform ideas into reality with every frame, shot, or sequence.
  • Innovate through design, tools, and techniques and continuously strive for improvement.
  • Create opportunities for artists voices to be heard, give people a platform.
  • Create relationships that last.
  • Create Culture. Live that culture.  Contribute to that culture.


EMPATHIZE with others’ perspectives and differences. Be open, curious and kind.

  • Have each other’s backs and position each other to succeed.
  • Practice confidence without ego.
  • Be gracious and forgiving when people make mistakes.
  • Take care of your crew and practice inclusion.
  • Put yourself in others' shoes.
  • Good art comes out of good environments.

With growth comes transformation and with transformation comes new challenges.

We do not seek to preserve our culture — we seek to improve it. Every person who joins us helps to shape and evolve the culture further. We find new ways to accomplish more together. Every few years we can feel a real difference in how much more effectively we are operating than in the past. We are learning faster than ever because we have more dedicated people with diverse perspectives trying to find better ways for our talented team to work together more cohesively, nimbly, and effectively. As we scale we look to generate even more flexibility, more trust, less bureaucracy, and a deeper understanding of the data that drives our business forward.  Our goal is to remember who we are and what we value in the face of any new challenge. To  adapt to change with grace and to educate our management on how to be effective people partners.

We encourage our managers and all our employees to act as partners, to foster trust, and to approach people with compassion, kindness, and empathy.  This same trust allows us to provide constructive feedback and partner with our leaders in order to put the business needs before our egos. We commit to providing superior service to our clients.  We believe that an inspiring internal culture will help us succeed in our external goals.  We trust this vision will continue to encourage our talented crews to deliver high-quality creative content with consistency.

If we succeed in aligning people under these key concepts of vision, purpose, and core values, we are moving forward united.  There is no end game here, and we together are committing to relentlessly pursue excellence.  We are bringing out the best in people, and this is culture done well.  This is what makes us FuseFX .

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