FuseFX Receives Four Producer Guild Award Nominations


(LOS ANGELES— January 16th, 2020)

FuseFX received four Producer Guild of America Awards nominations. Three nominations came in the same category: The David L. Wolper Award for Outstanding Producer of Limited Series Television for When They See Us, True Detective, and Unbelievable. The fourth nomination came the way of Deadwood: The Movie for The Award for Outstanding Producer of Televised or Streamed Motion Pictures. 

VFX has become vital to the production process, and The Producers Guild of America recognizes VFX amongst its primary departments that make an into their list of nominees. Our nominees share nominations with Ava DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey, and Robert De Niro in the case of When They See Us.

The FuseFX team is represented by Greg Anderson (Head of Studio-NY/Senior VFX Supervisor) and Lindsay Seguin (VFX Producer) for When They See Us. John Heller (VFX Supervisor) and Dara Edwards (VFX Producer) nominated for True Detective, and Art Codron (VFX Supervisor) and Carolyn Martin (VFX Producer) nominated for Unbelievable

For Deadwood: The Movie, Founder/CEO David Altenau shares the nomination and VFX Supervisor credit with former FuseFX VFX Supervisor and friend Eric Hayden.

When They See Us, True Detective, and Unbelievable nominated for
The David L. Wolper Award for Outstanding Producer of Limited Series Television

True Detective is a critically acclaimed series that is lauded by critics and audiences alike; the VFX work needed to rise to that artistic level.

Being recognized by the PGA is to acknowledge the overall contribution Visual Effects brings to our industry and how integral it is in the storytelling process. I feel fortunate for the opportunity to work on projects like True Detective, where everyone involved is asked to meet the highest expectations of production value. It's an honor to have our work recognized along with the work of the amazing producing talent that brought True Detective to life...  HBO, Scott Stephens, Lori Slomka, Tristan Mathews to name a few as well as the entire team of artists who work so hard to bring our brand of magic to the screen. - John Heller, VFX Supervisor for True Detective.

While not all shows are VFX centric, they are still critical to overall storytelling, as Art Codron states:

While Unbelievable was not a VFX driven show per se, some challenging larger sequences were important in the telling of the story. I feel very fortunate to have been involved with such quality programming. - Art Codron, VFX Supervisor for Unbelievable

Projects like When They See Us finds a dependency on VFX to set up the world in an authentic way. The artists at FuseFX-NY were tasked with recreating the 1980-90s Harlem and Central Park.

Lindsay Seguin, VFX Producer and Greg Anderson, VFX Supervisor "When They See Us" at the exclusive nominee celebration in New York City

“We’re grateful to be a part of the team nominated for When They See Us.  Our seamless visual effects work was essential to recreating the look of Harlem and Central Park from the late 1980s and 1990s. This story is so tied to events from that time and place, that it could not have been told effectively without our work.  It was a real honor to work with Ava and the entire crew to help bring this project to life.” - Greg Anderson, VFX Supervisor for When They See Us.

In the case of Deadwood: The Movie, the project had special meaning to Co-VFX supervisor David Altenau, who also is FuseFX's founder and CEO.

Deadwood was the first episodic production I supervised after working in features through the 1990s," he explains. "That production in 2003 laid the foundation for the work and the relationships that would lead to the founding of FuseFX just a few years later. So to be able to provide the visual effects for the movie 16 years later, and do it through FuseFX, was an incredible experience. - David Altenau, VFX Supervisor on Deadwood The Movie.

Deadwood: The Movie nominated for
The Award for Outstanding Producer of Televised or Streamed Motion Pictures

For Co-VFX Supervisor Eric Hayden the takeaways from the project were the level of VFX excellence produced and his gratitude for the team,

From the beginning, it has been an honor to be a part of such a beautiful project.  Everyone at FuseFX should be proud of the work that went into the film and the high bar of quality that we set.  Thank you to the entire team of producers who made sure that Deadwood: The Movie was made the right way - with great love and care. - Eric Hayden, VFX Supervisor on Deadwood: The Movie.

The Producers Guild of America Awards 2019 Award ceremony will be held Saturday, January 18, 2020.

About FuseFX:
FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects studio providing visual effects services for episodic television, feature films, commercials, and VR productions. Founded in 2006, by David Altenau (CEO), and Co-Founders Tim Jacobsen (CDO) and Jason Fotter (CTO). The company employs 300+ personnel across three studio locations: our flagship office in Los Angeles, New York City, and Vancouver. For more information about FuseFX's studio visit http://www.FuseFX.com

About PGA Awards:
The Producers Guild of America is a non-profit trade organization that represents, protects and promotes the interests of all members of the producing team in film, television, and new media. One of the awards season’s marquee events, the Producers Guild Awards celebrates the finest producing work of the year, and gives the Guild an opportunity to honor some of the living legends who have shaped our profession.

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