VFX supervisor Marshall Krasser shares insight on the visual effects for Yellowjackets S2

Our work on this project included environment and weather augmentation and extensions; charred bodies and wound enhancements; cold breath elements; augmentation of a burning cabin; and forest extensions, among other effects.

“As for the tools used, on the 2D side, Nuke is still the powerhouse compositing application, providing artists with unlimited flexibility and control. 3D-wise, most of the FX fire and snow were created and rendered out of Houdini, with additional lighting passes created in Maya. Nuke’s particle generator was used for some snow as well.”

The cabin fire at the end was extremely well executed and involved a lot of hidden work. We were able to seamlessly hook up the studio pullback with the drone footage that Kent had shot on-location in BC.

“We did have some challenges with the broken ear replacement shots — tracking was very tricky, and we ended up taking a lot of frame-by-frame adjustments to get the final locking of the 3D broken ear we added back over the area we had painted out the original ‘whole’ ear.”