Update from FuseFX regarding coronavirus preparedness

Dear Clients and Production Partners of FuseFX,

Given the influx of news and daily developments regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19), I wanted to provide an update regarding our preparations and response to the virus at FuseFX. I'll start by saying that we continue to operate normally at all our studio locations, and there have been no cases reported with FuseFX employees to date. In the interests of preparedness and an abundance of caution, we are instituting a number of precautionary measures within our offices to keep our employees safe and healthy and to prepare if the situation worsens.

First, we are implementing increased sanitary procedures in our offices and with our employees. That includes social distancing, new processes for cleaning and disinfecting our workspace, increased scrutiny and communication about travel, and notifications should any employee have contact with someone with the virus. Both our facility staff and each employee is being asked to focus on regular hand washing and workplace sanitation to ensure we don't have an outbreak within an office. Also, we are requesting employees with any flu symptoms whatsoever to either work from home, if possible or take time off.

Additionally, we are developing contingency plans should we have major disruptions at any of our studio locations. We are focused not only on the safety of our employees but to ensure that we can continue to deliver on our projects if the situation worsens. Should we have a major work disruption in any particular location, we are developing plans to complete our work as expected. We already have very elaborate systems to synchronize and share work between our studios. We have the ability to shift work from one location to another at a moment's notice should that be necessary. That will allow us to complete any active work, no matter what happens in one particular location.

We are also developing the option to allow our staff to work from home should the need arise. The security of your content is always a critical factor in our decision making, so this would be implemented with that in mind and with our clients’ approval. All content would stay securely on our local servers and systems. Our work is very collaborative, and we don't want to move to a "work-from-home" model unless we need to. However, we are working on putting that option in place just in case.

We certainly hope that the latter more drastic measures are not necessary. Still, we want to assure you that we are preparing for all contingencies so we can continue to deliver on our obligations in all cases.

Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions or concerns,

David Altenau