Tim Jacobsen


Tim Jacobsen, a co-founder of FuseFX, is the executive producer for the company. His producing and supervising credits span feature films, episodic television, commercials and music videos. Tim’s producing credits include over 60 television shows including “S.H.I.E.L.D”, “American Horror Story”, “Hell on Wheels” and “Criminal Minds”. His experience in the entertainment medium gives him a complete understanding of the visual effects process helping him assist clients achieve their creative and budgetary goals.

Jacobsen, a native of Iowa and Minnesota graduated college in 1989 where he began his post career with KSTP Television in Minneapolis. Soon after, he landed in Los Angeles and completed stints with Selluloid, Hollywood Digital and Editel LA. Prior to founding FuseFX, he was Director of Visual Effects for Encore Hollywood. Each stint has represented an evolution of learning that has helped him understand the complete visual effects process from bidding, to pre-visualization, to production and finally post. This understanding helps him realize the client’s vision from beginning to end.