"The Tick": Making A Completely CG, 2,000-Foot Human On A TV Schedule And Budget

the tick cg human

The Tick shines as FuseFX steps up television VFX expectations. This is most exemplified in the development of a 2000-foot human!

Read the write up below:

CARTOON BREW – March 16, 2018

“It used to be in visual effects that what was done in film versus what was done for television was a huge chasm. But that gap is diminishing, and the kinds of VFX work that effects studios are being called on to do for TV is becoming increasingly ambitious.”

The work of FuseFX on Amazon Video’s The Tick is a prime example of the company’s ability to create truly incredible visual effects, both quickly and on a television budget. To find out more on the VFX work was done by FuseFX, the Very Large Naked Man, and the nitty-gritty details of building CG humans, check out Cartoon Brew’s article at http://bit.ly/CartoonBrewTheTick.

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