David Altenau

Founder, CEO

Tim Jacobsen

Co-Founder & Chief Development Officer

Jason Fotter

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Joseph Bell

COO/ EVP of Production

Jim Rygiel

Executive VFX Supervisor

Steve Meyer

Head of 2D/VFX Supervisor

Greg Anderson

Head of Studio-NY, Sr. VFX Supervisor

Lindsay Seguin

Executive Producer, NY

Jon Cowley

Head of Production BC, Senior VFX Supervisor

Justin Gladden

Managing Producer, BC

Diane Macke

Head of Production Management

Dan Rucinski

Managing Producer of Global Operations

Julie Weitzell

Executive Director, Business Development

Lindsey Neyman

Production Talent Manager

Jessica Perry

Director of HR

Jeremy Lang

Head of Technology

Sina San


Matt Von Brock


Ariel Altman

VFX Supervisor / Pipeline Supervisor - NY

Ian Blough

VFX Producer

Art Codron

VFX Supervisor

Melissa DeLong

VFX Producer

Mike Early

VFX Producer

Joe Gunn

Head of 3D - NY

Dara Edwards

VFX Producer

Jenny Foster

VFX Producer

Richard Greenwood

VFX Supervisor / Head of 2D - BC

Eric Hayden

VFX Supervisor

John Heller

VFX Supervisor

Brian Kubovcik

VFX Supervisor

Dan Levitan

VFX Supervisor

Kevin Lingenfelser

VFX Supervisor / Senior Compositor

Steve Marino

VFX Supervisor

Carolyn Martin

VFX Producer

Jon Massey

VFX Supervisor

Brent Miller

VFX Producer

Lauren Montuori

VFX Producer

John Miller

VFX Supervisor

Josh Miyaji

VFX Supervisor / Lead Compositor

Bud Myrick

VR Supervisor

Jason Piccioni

VFX Supervisor

Tony Pirzadeh

VFX Producer

Christian Quickle

Production Manager

Gary Romey

VFX Producer

Andy Simonson

VFX Producer

Alex Torres

VFX Producer

Tommy Tran

VFX Supervisor