Bharti Sattar

Bharti Sattar

Bharti Sattar is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at FuseFX, responsible for managing the finance department and overseeing the company’s fiscal operations. Sattar’s role includes financial reporting, forecasting, risk management, and business process optimization. Working closely with the executive team at FuseFX, the CFO serves as the strategic and operational partner to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), increasing shareholder value, as well as identifying key metrics and performance drivers based on data analytics.

Bringing over 22 years of experience and leadership in senior financial roles, Sattar joined the FuseFX team in 2016. Sattar’s previous roles included a wide-range of responsibilities including Financial Planning and Analysis, Accounting Operations, Management Reporting, Audit and Compliance, Investor Relations, Strategic Planning, as well as M&A transactions for Centro Watt/Kramont Realty (1.2 B); Lionsgate/TV Guide; Technicolor/Laser Pacific; TORG/Agile Brands and Century Park Capital Partners/ADCO.

Sattar is the three-time award winner of the “CFO of the Year Award” from Los Angeles Business Journal, in 2017, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, in 2014 & 2017. In addition, Sattar also received recognition in 2016 as one of 5 Finalists, in the Private Industry category, for this prestigious award, from both organizations.

Sattar possesses a strong educational foundation, diverse industry experience, sound business acumen, combined with her stakeholder personality, leadership skills and ability to persevere under pressure. Synergistically, these qualities serve to brand her as a robust and trusted business partner to FuseFX management and the organization as a whole.