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Come join our award-winning team and contribute to some of the biggest and most exciting films & series! See our open positions at our Los Angeles, New York, Vancouver and Atlanta studio locations.

  • Digital Matte Painter

    Digital Matte Painter

    Vancouver, BC
    Job Code: 578

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  • Compositor


    Vancouver, BC
    Job Code: 406

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  • VFX Producer

    VFX Producer

    Vancouver, BC
    Job Code: 313

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  • CG Supervisor

    CG Supervisor

    Vancouver, BC
    Job Code: 551

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  • Vancouver Apprentice

    Vancouver Apprentice

    Vancouver, BC
    Job Code: 604

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  • New York Apprentice

    New York Apprentice

    New York, NY
    Job Code: 606

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  • Atlanta Apprentice

    Atlanta Apprentice

    Atlanta, GA
    Job Code: 605

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  • Los Angeles Apprentice

    Los Angeles Apprentice

    Los Angeles, CA
    Job Code: 603

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  • General Interest (Vancouver)

    General Interest (Vancouver)

    Vancouver, BC
    Job Code: 322

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