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When FuseFX began work on The Tick, they had no idea how large and impressive this project would become.

With over 1,800 shots delivered seamlessly by all three office locations, the studio is considered the sole VFX vendor for the entirety of the show.

While most superhero television episodes and films take advantage of incredible special effects, The Tick takes it a step further. The first season reflected Ben Edlund’s unconventional style of the original comic book by introducing everything from fully CG characters to a talking dog.

“The show was tremendously rewarding and a blast to work on due to the collaborative nature of the executive producers Ben Edlund, who is also the creator, Barry Josephson, and David Fury. We developed a great working relationship with them, both in our New York office as well as our L.A. office,” explains FuseFX VFX Supervisor, Chad Wanstreet. “[We] were able to work on, not only the execution of the shots, but also a tremendous number of the visual concepts and designs of key elements of the show. This gave the team a great sense of ownership and pride in the work they produced, which I think shows in the final shots.”

  • “The input from FuseFX has been inspired and they haven’t winced at any of our requests. They’re all in and they are creating impactful, cool and unexpectedly lavish effects.  It is a shared labor of love…it’s very collaborative.  We feel like we’re making a movie, the work is so cinematic.”

    Ben Edlund, Creator, The Tick

As The Tick moves into its second season, the FuseFX and Barry Josephson, the show’s Executive Producer, continue to work hand in hand in creating a show that lives up to the film quality, but on a television timeline and budget. One perfect example of this work occurs with these efforts occurs in the first season, with the introduction of the Very Large Man (VLM).

Wanstreet and the rest of the FuseFX team are especially proud of their work in crafting a completely CG (and completely naked) human quickly and cost-effectively, while not skimping on the wow-factor. “Due to the massive scale of the VLM, we had to drive the skin pores based off of the facial hair stubble groom to give per-pore displacement,” said FuseFX Creature Supervisor, Matt Lefferts. “Special detail was put into recreating special details that made the character unique such as his closed off ear piercings, moles, skin blemishes, and ear hair.”

Ultimately, 101 artists in FuseFX’s three offices seamlessly delivered the VLM, and other visual effects shots, for The Tick. The final episode for the first season involved 45 fully-CG shots and another 100 visual effects shots overall, creating quite the finale to excite fans for the impending second season.

The Tick

The Tick

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