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Netflix’s reboot of the age-old classic Lost in Space, is yet another example of the efforts of FuseFX to blur the lines between VFX you see on television, and those you see in feature films.

The character of Robot was so iconic in the original Lost in Space show, that the FuseFX team was thrilled when Legendary Television and Netflix approached them to assist on the VFX in the reboot. Originally, the team was brought on to create on-set projection elements for Robot’s face. Ultimately, however, the producers wanted more control over the elements in post, which resulted in over 240 shots and 20 asset builds by the FuseFX team, spanning across 8 of the 10 episodes in the first season.

For such a high volume, high expectation series, the VFX company needed to be up to the high bar set for them. “We have a great mix of television production experience and a crew with feature film DNA here in BC; which is a perfect combination for this kind of unique and creative work,” explains FuseFX VFX Supervisor Jon Cowley. “The team here is proud to have had the chance to help develop something so beautiful and concept driven.”

Though all work for Season 1 was incredibly rewarding, Cowley and the team are particularly proud of the opportunity to conceptually pitch for key sequences. For one scene, FuseFX presented concept art and simulations of a jellyfish migration through the stars.  

  • “We have a strong, experienced FX team here at FuseFX and they jumped on the chance to build this otherworldly event,” adds Cowley.

As many people have realized, there is currently a renaissance occurring in the television world that blurs the line between episodic and feature films. Being able to constantly increase the bar on television effects, and to work with experienced and respected talents on a wide array of projects, represents the direction that VFX are moving, both at the FuseFX BC office, and across the board in LA and NYC.

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