Jason Fotter


Jason Fotter, co-founder of FuseFX, is both artist and digital scientist. As the senior visual effects artist he is responsible for the 2D department, collaborating with artists, crafting and supervising content and the creative pipeline. Jason is best known for establishing processes and techniques for complex effects sequences.

As CTO Jason designs, implements and manages the technical infra-structure at FuseFX, overseeing all aspects of the facility, its operations and growth, providing a digitally robust, efficient and secure creative hub.

Fotter is an expert in production and post-production pipelines and solutions. He is a talented visual effects artist and graphic designer with a broad range of skills on various platforms, including Discreet Inferno/Flame, Adobe After Effects, Apple’s Shake and The Foundry’s Nuke. His credits span commercials, episodic television, feature films and music videos. His attention to detail has quickly established himself as one of the top artists in the industry today.