David Altenau


David Altenau is the founder, President and Senior Visual Effects Supervisor of FuseFX. Altenau has been in the visual effects industry for over 20 years and his work has garnished both Emmy and VES nominations.

A native of Ohio, Dave began his career in San Francisco 1989, becoming a pioneer in the field of computer animation. He moved on to Editel where he was head of the CG department before migrating to Los Angeles in 1996 to become a senior CGI artist for Warner Digital Studios, where he worked on such films as Mars Attacks and Batman & Robin.

Altenau continued his career with both Pacific Title and Cinesite Hollywood, where he received an Emmy nomination for his work on From the Earth to the Moon and working on such Hollywood blockbusters as X-men, X-Men II, Thirteen Days and Sixth Day. He then broadened his focus to become the visual effects supervisor on such episodic shows as Carnivale, Deadwood, K-Ville, The Unit, Lie To Me, United States of Tara, and Criminal Minds.

Now a prominent player in the world of visual effects, Altenau’s broad experience, in both the feature and episodic world helps him understand the technical and artistic nuances of both industries. This understanding, in turn, helps our clients make the best decisions possible both on and off the set.

Dave continues to actively oversee all in-house work done at FuseFX. Leading the team throughout all feature, episodic and commercial projects he continues to add impressive credits to his name and the FuseFX banner, such as No Ordinary Family, American Horror Story, Alphas, Hell on Wheels, Dark Skies, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.