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Designed to save productions time and money, FuseFX OmniCAM™ is an easy-to-use

solution for capturing high quality driving plates. OmniCAM™ is compact, portable, and

can be deployed on location with minimal production footprint. The rig can be mounted

on almost any vehicle, and captures a seamless 360-degree environment plate in a

single pass. OmniCAM™ footage feeds directly into Fuse’s proprietary Nucleus℠

pipeline, making it immediately available for VFX shot production.

Please contact info@fusefx.com to learn more about OmniCAM™ and make a booking.

Turnkey system usable with any vehicle
Single pass 360-degree 24 resolution environment capture
Customizable mounting system with built-in stabilization
Reflection capture and customizable plate configurations
Change capture settings on the fly
Portable and easy to ship

Download OmniCAM™ PDF